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Awaken Your Book

Find support for your writing process with like-minded peers and skilled guides in this five-month online program.

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One-on-One Coaching

Receive personalized attention and support for your book writing process, from concept to publication and beyond.

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Writing Retreats

Immerse yourself in the most perfectly divine safe space, designed and intended to catalyze your creative process.

Awaken Your Book

We’ve created a safe container of supportive peers, guided by skilled professionals, to guide you through the process and create some structure so you can shed your excuses and finally bring your story into manuscript form.


If you are reading this, it is because you have a message to share.


We don’t believe in coincidences; we believe in bravely waking up to what is being laid out in front of us.


If there is one thing we are entirely sure about, it is that your life is a message—and we also know that message is here to transform you and to transform the collective.

Although each book is different and each author’s journey is different, we suggest that five months is about the time it could take to complete your manuscript, and that a finished first draft is very possible by the time the program concludes if you set that as your goal, even if you haven’t yet begun to write.

Online Class
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Writers Retreats

When you give yourself time and space, you can do the deep work necessary to bring forth the message only you can in the most impactful and inspirational way.

Ultimately, our intention for you is to reconnect with parts of yourself that have been neglected and to shine a light on parts of your story you are ready to release by devoting uninterrupted time and space to start (or perhaps complete) your book. During our time together, you will be nourished and supported—and reminded that the writing process does not need to feel arduous or solitary.


It’s not just about setting aside the time to write (although that may be a big part of the appeal for you and we don’t want to discount it!)—it’s about the synchronicities and surprises that are sure to show up when you answer the call to gather with us in this sacred creative energy.


You might come in with a specific plan and measurable goal (e.g. a number of words to write or chapters to complete). Equally, you might have no idea what you want to create during our time together—and that’s OK too!

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“Feeling seen, heard, and supported in community, and sharing my journey with others who have been deeply inspired and synergized by my shares.”

Islena Faircrest, Awaken Your Book participant



Consider this: In the traditional publishing route, your odds of a publisher reviewing your manuscript are about five percent—and even that review is no guarantee, since just one percent are ultimately chosen for publication. 


Publishers are in the business of finding a “winning” book. They are making bets, and their primary concern is finding something that’s marketable and will sell. In contrast, at Awaken Village Press, we believe everyone has a story to tell—and a story someone needs to hear. Our mission is to awaken the planet, one book at a time, by serving as a companion publisher to authors with an inspiring message to share.

At Awaken Village Press, we help you finish your manuscript and publish it.  And you keep the rights (we believe you get to own your story) and the profits. 


Working with us is a personalized journey with an energetically aligned book doula who holds a container for you to stay focused and bring forth what it is you have to say in the most authentic, honest, and inspiring way.

If you are ready to get the ball rolling, book your thirty-minute

complimentary clarity call with Amanda Johnson.

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It’s time to listen to the call, follow your heart’s desire, and turn it into something that will change lives—yours included. Join our village to receive inspiration and updates via email.

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