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We raise authors

On your journey to becoming an author, we provide you with a safe space, relevant content, and connection with other authors.

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We birth books

We are equipped with a dedicated, passionate team prepared to walk beside you from conception to completion of your book.

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We inspire others

Our books focus on spreading love, offering solutions, and creating content that uplifts and honors one another's truth.

The power of a village

When we reveal the stories that so deeply desire to be shared and expressed and then release them into the world, we change not only our world but the world around us. And as we rewrite our stories, we awaken parts of ourselves that can lead to the awakening of others.

The writing process need not be a solitary or difficult one. We have created a village to offer you the resources and expertise to take your story from a dream to a reality.


It is time to reveal, express, and release our stories so they no longer hold us back but rather launch us forward.


So what are you going to do with yours?

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Our published books

By revealing and expressing more of who we truly are, we can change the world.

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“I’m working on my second book with AVP and couldn’t be happier with the service and attention to detail across the board.”

Mike McGinnis, Author


Anxiety Rx

by Russell Kennedy, MD

A unique blend of hard neuroscience and soft spirit. Anxiety is unavoidable; suffering is optional.

Paperback | Ebook | Audiobook


Saying Yes to Life

by Marjorie Warkentin

Part biography and part guidebook; an invitation to notice where you’ve been ignoring your intuition and pushing through, and learn to trust more fully and live more authentically.

Paperback | Ebook


by Rita Kampen

SMASH: A Memoir

A story about a woman who spent a decade sorting through a mess of broken rubble to slowly piece her life into a mosaic of meaning and magic.

Paperback | Ebook


From Grief to Acceptance

by Misty Proffitt-Thompson

A refreshing perspective on grief, offering the reader an exploration of a question that was revealed to the author to support her own grieving process.

Paperback | Ebook | Audiobook


Son of a Whore

by Demetrye Isoldi
& Elena Isoldi Medici

From the slums of Georgia and the projects of New Jersey, he climbed his way to the top of the world.

Paperback | Hardcover

Ebook | Audiobook


The Essential Revolution

by Michael S. McGinnis Jr.

A novel that takes the reader on a journey of inner evolution, friendship, and the struggle with evil.

Paperback | Ebook | Audiobook



by Maria Kouts

One family's  story of addiction, loss, and a mother’s grief—but also of recovery, transformation, faith, and hope. 

Paperback | Ebook


There's Got to be
a Better Way

by Karen Pery

A refreshingly entertaining memoir offering overachievers everywhere inspiration to imagine a better way.

Paperback | Ebook

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“I’m working on my second book with Awaken Village Press, and I couldn’t be happier with the service and attention to detail across the board.”

Mike McGinnis, Author

Reading a Book
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It’s time to listen to the call, follow your heart’s desire, and turn it into something that will change lives—yours included. Join our village to receive inspiration and updates via email.

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