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Aligned partnership

Group calls on Zoom once a week to discuss the writing process, support one another, and share your work with other writers and authors.​

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Expert guidance

You’ll have a chance to learn from guides and guest speakers with knowledge of every part of the writing and publishing process and familiarity with many different genres and writing styles.​

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Peer feedback

You will get a chance to share your work with your fellow participants and receive their feedback within an assigned structure that ensures giving is balanced with receiving.​

Are you ready to awaken your book?

We’ve created a safe container of supportive peers, guided by skilled professionals, to guide you through the process and create some structure so you can shed your excuses and finally bring your story into manuscript form.


If you are reading this, it is because you have a message to share.


We don’t believe in coincidences; we believe in bravely waking up to what is being laid out in front of us.


If there is one thing we are entirely sure about, it is that your life is a message—and we also know that message is here to transform you and to transform the collective.


Although each book is different and each author’s journey is different, we suggest that five months is about the time it could take to complete your manuscript, and that a finished first draft is very possible by the time the program concludes if you set that as your goal, even if you haven’t yet begun to write.

Working at home
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Gentle accountability

Goal setting for this process is entirely up to you.

We will remind you of the goals you set for yourself, while encouraging you to exercise

We will also help you release blocks that present themselves, drawing on our experience to help you find the personalized approach that works best for you.

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Future relationships

As part of our village, you’ll be part of a network of authors—past, present, and future—making an impact on the world through their creative endeavors.


We’ll also be your biggest cheerleader even after the program ends. We have a strong alumni network built on heart connections, and the members of our village provide one another with genuine and meaningful support and community.​

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Inspired support

You will have the opportunity to learn from guest speakers and workshop presenters chosen based on the specific needs of your group.


Whether it’s a meditation to meet with your creative inspiration, a Breathwork session, or a Q&A with a published author, we will bring in the wise guidance you need at each point on the path to your book.​

Awaken Your Book is right for you if:

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You know you have a story to tell but can’t seem to find the discipline to sit down and write.

You desire for your story to make a positive impact on the world, but find yourself paralyzed or held back by the fear of being seen.

You find the writing process lonely and would like companions and guides on the journey.

You’ve discovered that writing (or revising) your manuscript is a process that requires courage, and you want to invest in support for the process.

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Open Book on Table

In these three months, we
will give you everything you need to birth your story.

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You do not need to be an experienced writer to enroll in this program.

In fact, the program offers “on ramps” to writing for those who do not yet have a regular writing or journaling practice, and you will receive guidance and ideas for different ways of structuring your story to make it more evocative and resonant.

Equally, this program is appropriate for experienced writers who are seeking a more intuitively guided approach and/or wish to have a peer group with whom you can discuss your writing.

Once you register, you will receive a full roadmap on what steps we will take on this journey.


We will guide you in developing a personalized writing process that is perfect for you. We will help you hone in on your voice and guide you in creating well-defined characters.


Among many other topics, we will uncover the most important part of writing any story: your why.


We will walk this path with you every step of the way so you will never be left overwhelmed and confused on the next phase.


We’ve turned this writing process into an art. So as long as you show up, we are with you.

All meetings are recorded in case you are unable to make one live (though we strongly encourage your in-person participation and commitment). We will meet weekly for 12 weeks.

We will align on the best day and time based on participants' schedules.  

All meetings will be 60-90 minutes long*

*If enrollment exceeds 10, we will add a second meeting time and allow participants to choose the option that works best for them.

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“Feeling seen, heard, and supported in community, and sharing my journey with others who have been deeply inspired and synergized by my shares.”

Islena Faircrest, Awaken Your Book participant

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